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We understand the struggle of keeping a beautiful lawn.

Patapsco Valley Lawn & Landscape is a local, family-owned and operated landscaping company proudly serving our community since 1991.

We provide expert lawn care and landscaping services to transform your yard into the lush, vibrant space you’ve always wanted. Our professional team handles everything from regular lawn maintenance to mulching and snow removal, all at affordable prices.

Imagine a lawn that’s not only green and healthy,
but also a stunning extension of your home.

With Patapsco Valley Lawn & Landscape, you’ll enjoy more time outdoors, boost your home’s curb appeal, and create an inviting space for family and friends to gather.

Ron and Ronnie unloading a mower from a trailer
The Patapsco Valley Team wedding a garden bed
Close up view of someone planting a white flowered annual into a mulch bed

Our Services

Lawn Maintenance


Core Aeration & Seeding


Seasonal Cleanup


Snow Removal

Commercial Services

“We love the family feel and the friendly, above-and-beyond customer service… They really know what they’re doing and have made our property look so much better!”

Client, Cara S.

How it Works

Schedule a Consultation

Contact us to set up a time for our team to visit your property and discuss your needs.

Get a Custom Plan

We’ll create a tailored lawn care and / or landscaping plan designed specifically for your yard.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Yard

Sit back and relax while we take care of all the hard work, giving you a lawn you can be proud of.

View of a recently mulched garden bed near a stone walkway

Our Core Values

At Patapsco Valley Lawn & Landscape, we are proud to be family-owned and have strong core values. We are dedicated to following our core values on a daily basis, while providing top-quality lawn care services in Ellicott City and beyond.

Provide Quality Service at Affordable Pricing

Build Relationships in Our Community

Provide Reliable Service to Our Clients

Neighborly Done Right Promise


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